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IUCN/SCC Otter Specialist Group Bulletin
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Volume 18 A (2001)

Call for Abstracts
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Dear Colleagues!

This is to inform you that on the Xth International Otter Colloquium in Korea we had some talks and decided to put the abstracts or anything else that is available from the Conference in Chile in 2001 on the website. This special issue 18A is only possible due to the fact that we have now a web version as we would not have been able to raise money to get the Proceedings printed that long after a conference has been finished. Let us tell you first why the Proceedings were delayed that much! Actually we had planned to have it as a special issue immediately after the VIIIth International Otter Colloquium and Claus was trying to get the funding in place to have it printed similar to the Proceedings from Trebon. An additional problem was the fact that we were waiting for promised short papers that actually never were submitted. Secondly Gonzalo missed all data after a terrible computer crash. At this point we had to decide that the Proceedings have a low priority and will probably never be published.

Arno Gutleb, Editor

The reason why we make the available abstracts available at this stage is twofold. With the electronic version there are no direct costs related with it, except the time that Gonzalo and I spent in editing the abstracts and trying to get in contact with the authors and Lesley’s work with putting everything online. Secondly at the meeting in Korea we discussed that it would be worth to have the abstracts available as some of them may be still of relevance and in addition it will help persons in need for assistance to identify scientists that have worked on similar issues previously. We hope that this special issue will get at least some limited value!

So please feel free to spread this information around. I send this mail to a very old e-mail list that will probably contain many outdated addresses and although I have tried to remove all double postings I know that some of you will get this e-mail several times. Sorry for that!

Send me everything you have such as your own abstracts, posters etc., files you got from others and we see what we can make out of it!

The first abstracts are now online within a few days as we have already recovered a few. So please check at: http://iucnosg.org/Bulletin/IUCNOSGBull.html

With regards,


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