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Volume 8 Pages 1 - 47 (February 1993)

Citation: Schenk, C. & Staib, E. (1993) Giant Otter Study in Peru Completed. IUCN Otter Spec. Group Bull. 8: 44

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Giant Otter Study in Peru Completed

Christof Schenk and Elke Staib

Wildsbiologische Gesellschaft, Postfach 170, D-8103 Oberammergau, Germany

Between July 1990 and November 1992 giant otters Pteronura brasiliensis were studied in Manu National Park (18000km2) and the Tambopata region (14800km2) of Peru. The fieldwork was aimed at determining otter distribution and relative abundance in areas subjected to different human influences; analysing habitat use; studying behaviour; and identifying threats to giant otter populations.

Much data have been collected on the above aspects. These will be analysed and reports will be prepared. The nature of the reports (in English and Spanish) will be such that they provide useful information to local conservationists and tourist guides. Aspects of the findings will also be presented at the Sixth International Otter Symposium in South Africa.

The study areas will be revisited to estimate giant otter numbers in Manu National Park, present seminars to conservation authorities, and lay the foundations for a public-awareness campaign.

Giant River Otters: one lying on a log over the water, the other porpoising out to look at it
(Click image  for larger version)

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