Hairy nosed otter found in Koh Kong, Cambodia

The first confirmed camera trap record of a live hairy-nosed otter in the coastal streams of Cambodia. These small streams are hidden in densely vegetated forests and difficult to penetrate, thereby protecting the otters from large settlements nearby.  Many thanks to Mr. Tangkor Dong of Conservation International and to Annette Olsson for bringing it to OSG’s attention!

Otter survey bill will top 130,000 euros

Belfast based Quercus Consultants has been awarded 129,981 Euros ($171,050 USD) to develop and manage the otter survey in Ireland.  The study, which includes details of their population and diet patterns is expected to conclude in March 2012.  The otter has seen a  decline in the population in Ireland since the 1980′s .  It is protected by the EU Habitats Directive .

Hunting, pollution and climate change affect Israel’s native otter

Lutra lutra was once found in significant numbers in many regions, including streams and coastal plains.  It has disappeared from  areas around the Jezreel and Zevulun valleys, but has remained stable in a region stretching from the sources of the Jordan river to the Harod and Beit She’an valleys further south.  The survey was conducted by the Society for the Protection of Nature  in cooperation with researchers at Tel Aviv Universiry, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Migal, a technology centre in Galilee.

Water company gets praise for otter quiet zones in UK

A project to lure otters back to the uplands of Bolton in the UK has helped United Utilities earn a reputation as one of the world’s most socially responsible companies.  The  water company is building otter friendly quiet zones of wet woodland at Wayoh reservoir.  The creation of ‘otter havens’ is just one example of good work featured featured in the company’s annual Corporate Responsibility Report. The company now features in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index .

Otter Safari in Weymouth , UK

Weymouth’s first otter safari sold out days before the event. Run by the RSPB a two hour night walk through the Radipole lake  reserve the group tried to find the elusive otter.  The otters kept out of the group’s way, but the leader found fresh otter spraint (scats) and tracks, and a passage through the water reeds.

River Otters Return to the South River USA

The South River Federation was thrilled to report that river otters have returned to the South River after being absent for many years, due to habitat loss. The Federation have been receiving river otter sightings throughout the river
Any sightings report to

Otter found dead in tangled fishing wire , UK

Anglers have been told to clean up their act in Stamford, UK, after an otter was found dead, tangled in discarded fishing wire. Volunteers clean up the river Welland every weekend and often find  discarded wire.  The Environmental Agency has warned that otters, water voles and native crayfish are all protected by law ,and and their accidental demise could result in a £5,000  fine or 6 months in prison.

Otters are back in the Mersey River

Otters have returned to the river Mersey for the first time for 30 years, until recently the river was too polluted to sustain a large range of wildlife, but a major clean-up operation led by the Mersey Basin Campaign, has seen wildlife return to the river.

Otter Spotters in Ashland, Oregon

North American river otters have been spotted on several occasions at the pond in Ashland, Oregon, since it was built in the 1970′s but a group of 6 have been seen during the past month. A few species of pan fish and goldfish which have been illegally introduced to the small pond seem to be drawing the otters here said Mark Vargas, the Rogue District wildlife biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife