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Questions and Answers: In-Depth Responses

I'm a postgraduate from China.I'm fond of otter. I want to investigate two otters of Hainan Island. Whether you could supply fund to my study or offer some other organizations which can do that?I think it is very esential that do a comprehensive investigation for otters of Hainan Island. Best wishes!Looking forward your reply!

From: Tony Yu, 13 October 2006

Response from Padma da Silva, Continental Coordinator for Asia

The IUCN does not have any funds of its own - it is a completely voluntary network of otter specialists. We can, however, give some advice.

Firstly, you need to put together a full proposal for the work you would like to do. This research proposal can then be submitted to funding bodies in order to obtain funding. You are welcome to submit this to me, and I will assess whether I can suggest suitable organisations to approach. Dr Hiroshi Sasaki, Secretary of the Japanese Otter Group may also be able to help you - his contact email is hsasakii@chikushi-u.ac.jp. We also have a Chinese member, Professor Piao Renzhu, piaor@mail.hl.cn, and it might be useful to contact him.

Finding funding for a project can take some time, but this kind of study is an essential first step to planning conservation so it is well-worth persevering.

Response provided 19 October 2006