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Questions and Answers: In-Depth Responses

We moved into a new house in Middlesex about 50 yards from a small river at the end of March and in the past month have been kept awake at night by the constant "chattering" noise coming from the riverbank. We've tried looking to see what's making the noise, but we've been unable to find the cause. It's not the mallard ducks, swans or foxes the live there, and someone asked if it could be otters? I've tried to find an audio sample of otter sounds online, but to no avail. Could you please help steer me in the right direction of a suitable audio clip?

Justine Holder, 16 June 2007

Response from Lesley Wright

Eurasian otters are very quiet, unlike some other otter species which are extremely noisy. Fighting otters or courting ones might make a lot of sound for a short while, but not the constant chattering keeping you awake that you describe. I don't think it can be otters that you are hearing, but I don't know what else to suggest.

You can hear an otter here


Go down to the "Listen to the otter" section

The British Library CD "Vanishing Wildlife" (which the BBC article refers to) has a lot of UK animal sounds - maybe that might help track down this mysterious visitor?


Response provided 28 June 2007