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IUCN Otter Specialist Group Press Room

  • Otters are Back in Business
    The Relaunch of the IUCN Otter Specialist Group website provides a central resource for accurate information about the state of the world's otter population
    21 September 2006
  • Unexplained Die-off Among Kachemak Bay Sea Otters
    (from US Fish and Wildlife Service, Alaska)
    A significant increase in otter deaths in recent years has been declared an Unusual Mortality Event. The cause is unknown. If you find a dead or sick sea otter any where in Alaska, please call the Fish and Wildlife Service immediately at 1-800-362-5148
    12 September 2006
  • Xth International Otter Colloquium, 10-16 October, 2007
    The website has been launched. This will be place where all information regarding the Colloquium will be announced.
    27 July 2006
Press Enquiries should be made using the response form next to each story, or on this page. More general enquires should be directed at to the Chair or Continental Coordinators on our Contacts page. Very urgent matters may be refered to the Secretariat at the International Otter Survival Fund on +44 1471 822 487 (telephone/fax). Please be aware that the OSG is a voluntary and international network of people active in otter conservation, so responses may be delayed due to time zone constraints etc.
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