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What to do if you find a dead otter

  • If you find a dead otter in Italy please contact the nearest National Health Service (ASL). They should then contact the nearest Istituto Zooprofilattico . If this proves difficult please phone +39 085-922084 or +39 335-5947005 (Centro Lontra di Caramanico, Pescara (CFS)) for information. If the otter is found in the province of Salerno please contact the RECAL project (Tel 0974/62158 380/7106562 -348/7488736 - 320/4347502). Further information can be found on the web page Ho trovato una lontra! on the web site Segnalazioni lontre in Italia
  • Please also send an e-mail to Laura Bonesi so that the database on the web site Segnalazioni Lontre can be updated.

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