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By country

We would like to develop a list of common variables for a database on otter road casualties so that each country can have the chance to collect standardised data. Here we report a list of variables as an example so that we can have a starting point for discussion. Please let us know what you think about this list and if you think we should remove or add any variable. At the moment this is just a list, but, if it is useful, we can work toward building up an actual database mask with a number of linked tables. Our idea is that each country should collect and retain its own data, but we would like to offer a platform where to discuss and present the kind of variables that may be useful to collect.

The idea of developing a database for minimum standards was born during a discussion of otter experts at the X International Otter Colloquium in 2006 in Korea.

Report number
Unique identifier that refers to a given otter/s found
Report code
Sometimes there is more than one report if this is the case code with a, b, c,..
Otter number
If more than one otter was found at the same location on the same day then code with 1, 2, 3,..
Surname of reporter
Name of reporter
Date of report
Date when report arrived
Reliability of report
This field should list whether the report is reliable or not, depending of the trustworthiness of the source
Who found the animal
This information is important in case more details need to be sought about the finding
Day on which the animal was found, which may be different from the day it was reported
Date of death
Usually this information is not known, but if known report it here
Name of the location where the animal was found
Nearest town
Nearest river
Expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds
Expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds
Description of finding
How the otter was found
Conditions of the animal
Whether it was dead, wounded or alive
Cause of death
Cause of death or cause of wounds if known or supposed
If known
If known
Individual retrieved?
If otter has been removed from road and taken somewhere else
Destination of individual
If retrieved, where it has been taken
Any additional comments